Masticha is the resin of the mastic tree, found on the Greek island of Chios. It is produced only in the southern part of the island in the 24 villages and communities known as “Mastichochoria” (literally “the mastic villages”). The process is slow, with gatherers waiting weeks for the tree to weep its precious fluid. For that reason, it is also known as “mastic tears”. Almond trees reflect the beauty and health of the Mediterranean terroir and climate. Bloomed almonds are the first signs of spring and their seeds are ranked on the top of the world’s most nutritious and versatile nuts, known for their many health benefits. So coming all together, in this chocolate bar, our signature dark chocolate with the most seductive spice in Mediterranean and the finest selected almonds, provide a truly fascinating taste experience.

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INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass (min. cocoa: 60.1%), sugar, cocoa butter, roasted almonds (10%) emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring, natural masticha oil (1%).

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: May contain traces of nuts. Keep in a cool and dry place. Best before see on the packaging (arround 10 months).

PAIRS WITH: Mastiha has haters & lovers due to its particular flavor. It has a very unique taste and its many uses range from baking and chewing gum ingredient, while its also used as distilled into alcoholic spirits because it provides a refreshingly sweet, light taste with an aromatic woodiness and a nutty finish. That’s why it perfectly pairs with a delicate coffee that has a nutty aftertaste. You can also enjoy a holistic “mastiha” experience while pairing this chocolate with mastiha liquer.